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Our alumni, partners and friends are an important part of our growing community, and we value the engagement and contribution made by so many in supporting the University and its students.

There are a number of ways you can support Roehampton and its Colleges, such as volunteering for a wide range of projects, making a gift or mentoring students and new graduates. Our donors come from all walks of life and their gifts are used to support Roehampton and its Colleges in many ways.

Our graduates contribute much to society – through their work as teachers and health workers, in the arts and sciences, and through their businesses as employers. Roehampton is making a difference but with your support, we can do so much more. Gifts can allow us to respond flexibly to the area of greatest need, or may be directed to areas of the University which reflect specific projects and interests. Donations can also support our research. Roehampton’s pioneering research takes place across each of its six Schools and Faculties and the University is ranked 38th in the UK for the impact of this research.

Please visit our project pages to find a cause which interests you.

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