Transformation Fund

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Transforming the opportunities and experience of Roehampton students


The values and traditions of our University include a fundamental belief in the power of education to transform lives and communities. Our community of students is diverse, bright, and bursting with a potential to succeed, irrespective of race, class or gender. However, many of our students also face challenges through their university experience; including financial barriers, commuting long distances or personal circumstances such as living in care or having to look after relatives.

The Transformation Fund is a bursary programme designed to remove the financial barriers to education for as many students as possible, with the specific goal of enabling access for the least economically advantaged in society. Bursaries may support those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, travel expenses for students on placement, or student projects such as entrepreneurship.

By supporting this fund, you will join our commitment to transform lives by helping our students to develop the confidence, knowledge and adaptability they need for a successful graduate career and fulfilling life. A gift, no matter its size, will have an impact on the life of a Roehampton student.


Hayley*, received help through the emergency hardship fund in her final year in 2020, which was supported by many of our alumni and donors:

"I am so grateful for the support that Roehampton has provided me with throughout my studies, especially in my final year when the pandemic started. I had to adapt to a new way of working and a new way of life at such a critical time in my academic journey. If it was not for the hardship fund and the study support offered to me, I would not have been able to finish my degree. The subject I studied, Therapeutic Psychology, has enabled me to help others with their mental wellbeing, and it has helped me to grow in both personal and professional capacities. I am incredibly fortunate to be where I am today thanks to the support provided from the University."


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