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At Roehampton, more than half of our students are from low income backgrounds and many have no choice but to rely on part-time and even full-time jobs alongside their studies. A hardship grant provides a crucial lifeline to those who are suffering unexpected financial hardship and whose time at university may be at risk without access to these funds.

We recognise that this is a difficult time for many of you as the cost of living increases, so a gift of any size will be gratefully received. Please help ensure vulnerable students feel able to complete their course and graduate. Thank you for your support.


Hear how bursaries have supported our students:


 Claire Johnson-Tusińska, Class of 2009

Whitelands alumna Claire Johnson-Tusińska graduated from Roehampton in 2009 in Nutrition and Health. She is a keen supporter and contributes to the University, both financially and by volunteering as a member of the Development Board.

“I was first called by a Roehampton student during the 2015 telethon. I’d just turned 27, and in the six years since I’d graduated life had taken me to the lowest lows of the 2009/10 recession, but then on a 5-year career trajectory that I was loving. Life had taken me around the world for business and pleasure, and I was in the process of buying my own piece of London. However, I would never have been able to achieve any of this without my degree and if it wasn’t for Roehampton stepping in to help me financially when I needed it the most, I don’t know how I would have been able to complete it. When the student, Wilhelm asked if I’d considered regular giving, he didn’t have to ask twice. A few weeks after his call, he mailed me a thank you card – one that I keep on a pin board in my kitchen to this day.

I know every penny I give to Roehampton will go to support those who need it most. I’m a huge advocate for Roehampton because the care and concern for students is genuine and deeply embedded in their mission. If they can help, they will. I’m extremely proud to pay forward what Roehampton did for me, so there are resources available for students who need support today. 


Hayley*, Class of 2020

Hayley* was in her final year during the first wave of Covid19. She received help through the emergency hardship fund which was established by the University and supported by many of our donors:

"I am so grateful for the support that Roehampton has provided me with throughout my studies, especially in my final year when the pandemic started. I had to adapt to a new way of working and a new way of life at such a critical time in my academic journey. If it was not for the hardship fund and the study support offered to me, I would not have been able to finish my degree. The subject I studied, Therapeutic Psychology, has enabled me to help others with their mental wellbeing, and it has helped me to grow in both personal and professional capacities. I am incredibly fortunate to be where I am today thanks to the support provided from the University."

*Hayley’s name has been changed to protect their identity


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