Student Enterprise and Innovation

Supporting students into successful graduate careers is a key strategic focus for Roehampton. An increasing number of our students go on to develop their own business or work freelance in a range of sectors but this can be a difficult choice for those students who lack time, knowledge and funds to develop entrepreneurial skills and networks. By supporting this fund you will enable their business dreams to become reality. Why not be part of their success story?

About LaunchPad

The entrepreneurship programme at Roehampton is called LaunchPad and was established with a generous donation by Santander Universities UK. The current programme includes a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style competition for students to enter and win cash funding to start their own business and a number of workshops to develop entrepreneurial skills. But the number of our students opting to work freelance, especially amongst our media and creative arts subjects is growing and so from 2020 we will add LaunchPad grants for more established student and graduate enterprises and a two day entrepreneurship bootcamp.

How LaunchPad helped Unique Skills Coaching

Roehampton graduate Humphrey Aghoghovbia Jr won the LaunchPad competition in 2018 for his sports business Unique Skills Coaching which he launched directly after leaving university in 2015: “Winning heightened the feeling of actually being a businessman. I never viewed myself that way before. The award allowed me to look at ways to invest in my new business meaningfully and strategically.”

Hopes for future student enterprises

Humphrey believes that “it would be great to diversify and offer programmes that specialise in different domains; this may then attract people who have an interest in a particular industry but who have never considered the concept of running a business. I think giving more students the licence to start, and test, businesses within the university environment is a brilliant way to go.”

Today 27 year old Humphrey is still managing Unique Skills Coaching, which in 2020 will go through the process of merging with LionHeart Football Group, with their brand becoming the first of its kind in the UK to deliver a range of innovative football services including coaching, mentoring, scouting and player analysis.

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